Introduction: How to Build Backlite Whiteboard

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Hello Everyone, my name is Amey and you are watching my channel “A builds”. Today I am back with another project this time it’s a Backlite White board made out of old broken LCD display

So, Let’s Make it…………!!!!!!

Step 1: DESIGN

I make this project as per the design


I have OLD Samsung monitor lying around which is not in working condition, so I decide to convert it into Backlite White board.

I start dissembling it. LCD panel has transparent acrylic, backlight layer of diffuser, polarize panel, Optical film and LCD module panel.

It’s a LCD panel so it having CFL light, which required inverter for turning ON, so I am replacing it with White LED Strip, it is cheap and easy to operate


We only need transparent acrylic and some 12-v led strip for making this project

White 12-v LED STRIP

12v power supply

Step 4: Final Build

In this project I replace the backlight CFL with LED strip and also attached the panel to rotating stand

all the build details are in the video!!!!!!!!!

check the build video on the channel