Introduction: How to Build Custom Xbox Glow Speakers


Speaker Build Provided by 123Toid -

Step 1: Cut Your Cube Shape

Cut out 7.5” x 7.5” front and rear baffles for the cube from ½” material followed by a 7.5” x 6.5” right/left and a 6.5” x 6.5” top/bottom

Step 2: Sketch Your X Design

Create a design for the sides. I measured ½” from the edge and made a 1.5” X in the center.

Step 3: Cut Your Design

Cut a hole in each of the four triangles big enough for a jig saw to fit into. Cut the design out. Finally 45 degree chamfer all edges of the design.

Step 4: Clean Up

Hand chisel anything the router missed.

Step 5: Prepare Space for Acrylic

Rout ¼” from the edge of the back of the design for acrylic to sit.

Step 6: Fit Acrylic

Cut acrylic and check for a nice fit.

Step 7: Frost Your Acrylic

Sand both sides with 60 grit then 120 grit sand paper.

Step 8: Cut Your Front Baffle

Repeat the previous process for the front only this time rout out a 1.5” from the top and sides and 2” from the bottom to create a square opening.

Step 9: Insert Your Potentiometer

Mark potentiometer position and drill it out. Glue potentiometer in place.

Step 10: Prep the Speaker Rear

Drill holes in the rear for:

1. Power switch to shut off led’s

2. Power Plug

3. Aux in (only in rear with amp)

4. Speaker Jacks

5. Port

Step 11: Applying Your Port

Epoxy port in place, flush trim the port opening then do a 3/8” roundover on the baffle.

Step 12: Assembling Your Front Baffle

- Repeat the routing on the front piece but for the smaller square acrylic to fit.

- Cut a hole in the acrylic to fit the driver & attach the driver to the acrylic.

- Epoxy acrylic in place

- Seal all interior acrylic edges with hot glue

Step 13: Glue LED's Into Place

Place LED's surrounding the edges of the cutouts using hot glue.

Step 14: Wiring

- Connect the speaker to the speaker jacks.

- Take the end of an old 3.5mm cable, cut it, connect it to the amp and solder it to the leads on the 3.5 jack on the back of the speaker.

It is now time to power up the wiring. One of the positive leads will go into that switch and one will come from the amplifier. That's not to turn on the amplifier it's actually to turn on the LEDs. The other positive will actually go from the LED to that switch. The ground of both the amp board and the LED itself will connect to the ground of the power jack. If you need a more detailed description of how to wire it just check out the Wiring Schematic

Step 15: Finishing Up

Glue the speaker together using the wood glue of your choice, hold the pieces in place with clamps while drying.

Sand and finish the speaker as you wish. For the Xbox custom feel, this speaker was painted a slate grey with an Xbox logo for the finishing touch.

Step 16: Parts List

Parts Used:

2 Speaker terminals of your choice.

2 Dayton ND90-8

1 Dayton Dta-2 Amp

1 12v strip of LED lights

2 Rocker switches (optional to shut off LED's when not in use)

2 Power Jacks

1 3.5mm Jack

2 20 ohm Audio Grade Resistors

2 0.9mh Inductors

2 Power Cords

1 2.1mm Jack

1 12v Power Supply 3a Power Supply

Step 17: Build Plans

Step 18: Build Video