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Introduction: How to Build Hot Water Machine

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hi friends.

First and formost, i want to say thank you for all you guys for letting me join this contest. This is my first time using the instructable, so i hope you can give me more information about the instructable to me.So in this instructable, i want to show you guys about how to make hot water machine using the wasted goods.

Ok, first i want to tell you about the use of this diy hot water machine.Every people in the whole world don't like drink a cold drink without ais.So, this hot water machine can help you guys to reheat water.After using this hot water machine,your drink will be so delicious and hot.Before i forgot, one of the best thing about this hot water machine is you can save your electricity because you don't have to boil the water again.If you plan to do this hot water macine, i recommend you to watch the full video here.

Step 1: Materials Need

to make your diy hot water machine, you will need

  • a 2 litter drinks bottle
  • a large tin of fruit
  • 2 cans cover of travel sweet
  • an useless mechanical pencil
  • a 30 mm cardbord tube ( i using the aliminium foil cardbord )
  • a small piece of steel wire
  • two sewing needle
  • a piece of paper (manila card)
  • sewing cotton
  • a latex glove
  • 3 or 4 ice- cream sticks( you can have it from the delicious ice-cream)
  • thin wire
  • two rubber bands
  • a small piece of cable insulation
  • some useless polystyrene ( i use my refrigerator polystyrene )
  • epoxy resin adhesive and super glue also PVA adhesive

Step 2: Building the Tin Lid (A)

1.take one can cover of travel sweet.Then drill two 4 mm holes on the can covers.

2.cut 4 lolly sticks using the length on your can covers.Cut 2 shorter sticks and the 2 more is a little bit long.

3. cut the tip off the mechanical pencil.Only the tip is use.And then, sand rough the edges of the tip from the mechanical pencil.

4.put the epoxy on the tip of mechanical pencil.Then, put the the tip of mechanical pencil on the center of the hole on the can lid. Ensure the mechanical pencil tip is in the center of the hole.

5.put the epoxy on the 2 shorter lolly sticks.And then put it on the can lid.Put the 2 of lolly sticks on both sides of the can lid.Leave it dry.

Step 3: Building the Tin Lid(B)

1.take the 2 left sticks and apply tape on it.And then put the epoxy on the middle of the 2 sticks.Check the spacing of the sticks.The spacing between the 2 sticks must be 6.5 cm.

2.saw a section of the cardboard tube( you can set the size you like ). Sand the base flat to remove the rough can secure the torn paper on the cardboard paper using the glue.

3.cut 2 strip of manila card and then paste around the cardboard tube using the PVA epoxy. the cardboard tube must have been added with 2 layers of strip.

4.glue the cardboard tube on the second hole of the can lid.

5.cut off a section of glove and then create a circle using bottle caps.cut the circle to make diaphragm.Make a tool to tie the diaphragm.(i use bottle clipping on the top).use 2 rubber band to tie the diaphragm

Step 4: Building the Tin Lid(C)

1.take the empty can and then cut off a section of the can to make bearing.Divide the cut off a section of the can into 2 parts and then make a hole on the middle using a nail. Open out with darning needle.(need 2 bearing)

2.take the first bearing and then glue on the sticks that you have put together (the shape like triangle).leave the glue dry.

3.when the glue dried,trim the surplus of the bearing.And then glue the another bearing on the other side.After the glu dried, do the same way on the first bearing.

4.use superglue to glue the walking sticks on the can lid.

5.take another lolly sticks and then cut 1 cm.Create a circle shape on the lolly sticks that you have cut using the sandpaper.

6.glue the circle that you have made from lolly sticks on the cardboard tube gloves.Make sure it be on the center.

Step 5: Make the Flywheel the lid of the fruit can at the bottom.

2.make a circle template to find the center of the lid using manila card.Cut the template.

3.put the template on the lid that you have open.Make a hole in the middle of the can use a small nail to start a hole.

4.bend up the steel wire for flywheel crank.Glue the crank on the lid that you have made hole on the middle.leave it dry.

Step 6: Body Part( A)

1.cut circle on the polystyrene.Make sure that the circle you made must be smaller than the can lid.For me, you can use card disc as a guide.

2.after finish cutting the polystyrene, remove a little of the center. a small disc cut from a lolly stick on the center of the circle.

4. cut off the eye of the needle.put the needle that you have cut on the middle hole on the can lid.leave a little of the eye as this forms a shoulder for a flywheel.

Step 7: Body Part(B)

1.remove the label on the bottle. Cut 5 cm on the middle part of the bottle using kinfe. Be careful because the knife sharp.

2.put another needle on the tip of mechanical pencil.the needle must be out of cover so that it can specify the can lid with the polystyrene disc.the needle more must be pushed into the wood.

3.take the bottle section that you have cut just now and fit it on the polystyrene disc.the bottle section must be very tight.

4.take another can lid.And then add it on the bottom of polystyrene disc.

Step 8: The Flywheel Part

1.cut a few slices of cable insulation. fit a slicer to the crankshaft as a spacer.

2.put the flywheel on the sticks.tight the flywheel using the crank that you have made.

3. make a figure of eight connecter from the fine will be connects the thread to the can adjust the lenght of the thread.the engine must be freely.

4.bend up the conecting rod.the rod is a push fit into the diaphragm disc.

your hot water machine is ready to use...

good luck...

Step 9: Full Video


i love you guyss

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    3 years ago

    Nice instructable.

    Not to be negative, but the Instructables site is to post how to make things you created.

    First, this instructable is about a Stirling Cycle Engine, not a hot water creating machine. This device will not 'reheat' water like you state it does. Stirling engines use heat to produce mechanical motion, not the other way around.

    Second, it appears that all the photos in this instructable are screen shots of the video, that's OK if its your video. However, you are located in Malaysia and the video was shot by 'myfordboy' located in the UK.

    You went to considerable effort to create this instructable and this is great. Next time I would suggest making an instructable of something original you have created. It will be more fun and rewarding!

    Good luck and keep making things!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I was going to say the same thing!


    Reply 3 years ago

    i hope you guys always advice me.


    Reply 3 years ago

    thank for advice me.It very useful.It was my first time using this instuctable so i post this because i want to gain more knowledge about the using of insturctable.

    by the way, thanks for advice me.


    3 years ago

    Nice build. Thanks.


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    thanks for look it