Introduction: How to Build Rocket Candy

These are the instructions on how to build a rocket with kitchen material. I am not responsible for any injuries.
Rocket candy is used to fuel rockets and it's a mixture of oxidizer and fuel. You will need KNO3 (saltpeter) for the oxidizer and suger and corn syrup for the fuel.
- Sugar
- Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)
- Cups
- Scale or balance
- Mortar and Pestle
- Electric skillet
- Spatula
- Pen
- Paper
- Glue Stick
- Clay
- Electric Drill and bits
- Igniters
- Gloves
- Eyewear

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Step 1: Paper Casing

To hold the fuel and create the rocket, you need to make a casing. Cut 1" by 11" stripes of paper. Then glue one side of the paper and wrap the non-glued side around the pen as tight as you can. Once wrapped completely, tape the end.

Step 2: Needed

Sugar and Potassium Nitrate will be needed to create the fuel. 
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Step 3: Grind

The potassium Nitrate needs to be grind into a very fine powder. It helps to increase the surface area and provide a quick and clean burn when it's lit. Pour little incriminates to make it easier to grind.  

Step 4: Ratio

Once you have created the granules of potassium nitrate, you have to start to weigh out the oxidizer to sugar. (60:40). 

Step 5: Mix and Heat

Once its measured out, you then pour the sugar and oxidizer together and mix thoroughly. After its mixed you pour the mixture out evenly onto the skillet and heat.  

Step 6: Caramelizing

As you begin to heat, turn the skillet onto 375 degrees. Within 5 minutes of heating, it should start to become a liquid. Keep stirring around until you are satisfied with the amount of movement.  

Step 7: Drying and Grinding

Let the caramel dry, and then begin grinding again to make it a fine powder. 

Step 8: Packing

Once the caramel is ground, you begin to pour into the casing and pack it down. Pour in little by little, to create a more compact powder and casing. Pack til the top with roughly a cm left.

Step 9: Engine Packing

Once the fuel is packed, you then drill a whole straight down the middle of the packed fuel about half way down the casing. You then tape it to the top of a stick making it closer to the final product.

Step 10: Igniter

Once the whole is drilled, place the igniter in the hole and to keep it in place, put a cap in the hole. Once this step is finished, your rocket is now complete.