Introduction: How to Build Your Own 3D Printed Quadcopter

Today we are going to make a fully functional quadcopter out of 3D printed parts, motors, and electronics!

Step 1: Attaching the Receiver to the Chassis

The first thing we need to do is attach the receiver to the 3D printed body of the quadcopter.

Flip the chassis upside down so that the motor slots are pointed down. Then, line up the holes of the receiver with the plastic slots on the chassis.

Screw the receiver into the chassis using the #0 Phillips head screwdriver in the screwdriver set (the small screwdriver 3rd from the left).

Step 2: Attaching the LEDs

Once the transmitter is attached to the quadcopter it is time to attach the LEDs.

Pull out 2 red LEDs (which have red and black wires by the bulb) and 2 blue LEDs (which have blue and black wires by the bulb).

The red LEDs will go in the rear side of the quadcopter, the side where the battery wire of the receiver is sticking out.

Push each LED into the small hole by the motor slot, tucking the wire through the motor slot and towards the center of the quadcopter.

Repeat the same process for the blue LEDs, which go in the front of the quadcopter.

Step 3: Installing the Motors and Propellers

Next, we have to install the motors and propellers.

If the motors are put in the wrong places the quadcopter will not be able to fly, so make sure to follow this step closely! The motors should be put in exactly as shown in the picture above. Clockwise motors have red and blue wires, and counter-clockwise motors have black and white wires.

With the 3D printed body still upside down, feed the wire from each motor through the motor slot so that the wire goes toward the center of the quadcopter just as we did with the LEDs. Then, get one of the helpers to put a bit of hot glue on the end of the motor before you slide it fully into the slot.

Once the motors are all in, you can add the propellers. Clockwise motors need to have a type A propeller and counter-clockwise motors need to have a type B propeller. To attach the propeller to the motor, place the propeller on top of it and use the small metal tool to push down on the propeller until it snaps on.

Step 4: Attach the Battery

All that's left to do before flying is attach the battery.

Flip the quadcopter so it's upside-down, and place the battery on top of the receiver so that the wire from the battery is on the opposite side of the wire from the receiver.

Then, clip the battery clip over the battery and onto the body of the quadcopter.