Introduction: How To: Build Your Own Inexpensive Closet Doors!

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I started with cutting my 2x2s to size and then laying them out flat and screwing them together before adding my hinges. I decided to hang the doors immediately after assembly and before paint. No, I would not of done this normally but it is VERY winter here so I had to paint them inside regardless so, it was just easier to hang them and then paint them hanging. I just taped off the hinges.

Step 1: Completion

With the two coats of white paint dry I grabbed my stapler and started to hang the fabric. (I purchased two curtain sheers from amazon for only $6!) Now you can use absolutely any fabric you want here, you could even just tack plywood to the back of your frame too and paint it all any color you would like, or chicken wire for a country look, or screen for a screen door look! The options here are just limitless and I love that if I get sick of these sheers I can just rip them off and replace them with something new! I chose to use curtains/fabric because it keeps the doors incredibly light and easy to handle. I'm very happy with how they turned out!