Introduction: How to Build Your Own Kite

Making your own basic kite from materials you may have around your house.


Waxed Floss for string, Measuring tape, Light flexible piece of wood, Super glue, Utility knife, Pencil, Scissors Stapler, marker

Step 1: Vertical Piece

I decided to make my kite 100 centimeters tall. I marked and cut the vertical piece at 100 cm using a pencil and a utility knife.

Step 2: Horizontal Piece

I used a height width ratio of 88.5%. Using a measuring tape, pencil and utility knife I measured and marked the wood at 88.5 cm. I then cut the wood off at 88.5 with a utility knife. I recommend parental guidance to avoid injury.

Step 3: Center It

Then, I centered the horizontal piece against the vertical piece. I marked it 33% down the vertical piece, which is 33 cm.

Step 4: Notches in Wood

Next, I created notches at the ends of both sides of the wood. To make notches, you just have to make little carvings in the wood. You can use a utility knife for this.

Step 5: Glue

Then remove the horizontal piece from on top of the vertical piece. On the vertical piece put the super glue in between the two lines. Put the horizontal centered on top of the vertical piece

Step 6: Pressure

Then apply pressure to the spot where the glue is. You could use anything of your preference, but I used a gallon of water and let it sit there for a few minutes.

Step 7: Binding

Now, you are going to bind the vertical and horizontal piece together with string, in this case the waxed floss. Bind it around a lot until you feel that it is strong and make sure you bind tight and not loosely.

Step 8: Wire

Now wire the 4 ends. Cut off any loose threads when you are done wiring the ends.

Step 9: Plastic

Lay down plastic and put the wired kite frame over it.

Step 10: Outline & Cut

Outline the cut you are going to make in the plastic and cut the plastic along the outline.

Step 11: Notches

Create notches in the plastic on the four ends of the frame.

Step 12: Fold & Staple

Fold the overlaps over the wire frame and then staple them.

Step 13: Bow

Add a bow to the back of a kite.

Step 14: Finishing Touches

Add a triple thread of string that's tied to the horizontal end of the kite, pull it tight. Last I added four triple strings and tied them all to the center point above the kite.