Introduction: Build a Bird Feeder Out of a Recycled Milk Jug

Got Sustainability!

Instead of  just throwing away that empty milk jug, for it to sit in a landfill for generations why don't you make an easy, cheap bird feeder.

- Empty milk jugs
- String
- a marker
- scissors
- Glue
- A pine cone
- Sunflower seeds ( any bird seeds would do)
- Peanut butter ( the thicker the better)
- and Raisins ( or some kind of fruit so the birds have a variety)

I would make the suggestion that you do this outdoors a) because it can get a little messy and b) it's always great to build things in nature with great scenery.

Step 1: Marking

First you will want to use your marker to make an outline of where you are going to have to cut. Start by making a big enough opening in the middle, then make a mark at the top and bottom of the jug.

Step 2: Cutting

You will now want to cut where you have previously marked with your scissors.

Tip: It might be easier to cut out the middle part before you cut out the bottom, that way you can use your hand for leverage

Step 3: String Through

Now you should pull the sting through the top of the jug, down through to the bottom.

Step 4: Pine Cone Time!

Now you take the string that you just pulled through the bottom part of the jug, and wrap it around the top part of the pine cone. Make sure you wrap the string underneath  the outgrowth of the pine cone and tie a light knot around it. Finally you should slowly pull the tie until you can't anymore.

Step 5: Filling It Up

Now that we have the form of the feeder established it is now time to fill it. I decided to fill this one with sunflower seeds and raisins but this step is completely up to you, experiment with different foods you think birds would like more. This could also depend on the type of bird you want to attract.

Step 6: Peanutbutter Anyone

Now, I guess you were wondering what we are going to do with this pine cone, take the pine cone and dip it into the peanut butter and turn it to get every outgrowth covered 

P.S. You can also use a butter knife to spread it

Step 7: More Seeds

Now you will want to roll your peanut butter filled pine cone in either the same seeds that you used before or a different kind. Roll until pine cone is filled with seeds.

P.S. This is why it is suggested to use thicker butter, that way the seeds will stick better.

Step 8: Hang Up

First make sure you have a tight knot underneath your feeder so it doesn't just slide down when you hang it up. Make sure it is in descent proportions to the pine cone and ground.

Step 9: Finished!!!

You now have your an epic bird feeder, loaded and ready!  Enjoy