How to Build a Birdhouse




Introduction: How to Build a Birdhouse

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This is a step by step instructable on how to make a birdhouse.

You will need:

Finishing nails

3/8" Plywood


Wide head screws




Measuring tape

Pen (Not really a tool!)



1 1/4" or 1 1/8" hole saw

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Step 1: Your Cutting Guide

There are 7 pieces to this birdhouse: the floor, the walls (4 pieces), And the roof (2 pieces).

Cut dimensions as written:

Floor (#1) 4" x 4"

Side Walls (#2 & 3) 4" x 8"

Roof Side Left (#6) 4 3/8" X 6"

Roof Side Right (#7) 4 3/4" X 6"

Front & Back (#4 & 5) Shown in next step.

Step 2: Making the Front and Back

The front and back of the birdhouse overlaps the sides, therefore making the front and back 4 3/4" wide. Cut your plywood to 4 3/4" x 10 3/8". On one side of the plywood, Mark the middle of the board. (2 3/8")

If you are using a miter saw, all you need is photos one and four.

If you are using a hand saw, after you have marked the middle of the board, measure 2 3/8" down on each side. mark from the middle to these lines. (Photo 2)

These are perfect 45º angles. Next, cut the board 8" from the bottom of where the roof would be, (At the bottom, where the eaves would be.) Cut two of these.

Step 3: Drill Your Hole

On piece number 4 or 5, make a mark 6" from the bottom, and in the very middle. (Of course! Who wants an uneven hole?) Drill it with a 1 1/4" or 1 1/8" hole saw.

Step 4: Make It!

Nail side wall #2 onto floor #1. (Picture 1) You can see how it will stand.

Nail the front wall onto the side of pieces #1 & 2. If you want to do it like my instructions, have the side wall to the right.

Nail the back wall on (#4), the same way as the front.

Step 5: Make an Opening Side!

Make a mark at 7 1/2" (From the bottom) on the front and back walls, on the left side. this will mark where to put your hinges (Nails) on. Put your board in place, and clamp it on. Nail it on, and test to see how well it opens and closes. If your nails are not at the same height, your opening side will not open straight.

Next, at the bottom left of of the front, put a nail in about halfway in. Next, bend it until it almost touches your opening side. this will keep it closed. You can turn the nail to get the side open.

Step 6: Roof It!

First, nail the #6- 4 3/8" x 6" roof board onto the left side. (It doesn't matter, but I wanted to say a side.)

Nail the #7- 4 3/4" x 6" board onto the other side, overlapping the other one by 3/8".

Step 7: Hang It! (Optional.)

You don't have to hang your birdhouse, you can also screw it to a tree or a fence post.

Screw in one screw each on the front and back, right where the two roof boards meet. Cut 2' of wire and wrap it under each of the screws. Screw in the screws, and hang it!

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    5 years ago

    Awesome instructable, Carpenter Guy! :-) I'm going to try this sometime!

    I Love Purple
    I Love Purple

    6 years ago

    I would make it... if I could!