Introduction: How to Build a Burning Man Effigy for Less Than $10 Bucks in Under an Hour.

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Throwing an epic Burning Man-inspired party and need an effigy of Burning Man himself? Don’t have fancy carpenter equipment to build an exact replica of Burning Man? Don’t have space to fit a 60 foot tall man in your backyard, porch or living room? Never fear, for less than ten bucks and a glue gun, you can create a Burning Man sculpture that satisfies your fiery burning effigy needs.

If you live near a local Wal-Mart or craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, then you are in luck. The parts are easy to find. You will need these items to get started. You can also find them online.

Step 1: Get Supplies

Things to get at store:
2 Birdhouses - one for body, one for head
Popsicle style sticks
Googly eyes - optional
Match sticks

Equipment you need but may already have:
Hot Glue Gun
Hot glue gun glue sticks
Scissors (strong enough to cut through a popsicle stick)
Goo gone - optional - to clean off the labels on bird houses
Scrap paper, newspaper or old cutting board to cover your work area and collect glue droppings
Clear table or floor space to build man

Step 2: Fire Starters - If You Plan to Burn Your Effigy

Lighter - preferably a long one like those for fireplaces or grills
Kindling - Couple cotton balls for fire starting
Fuel - we used a tablespoon of Coleman Camp Light Fuel
Fire extinguisher and/or cotton fire towels on hand

Step 3: The Added Touch:

Blinky lights to circle around your man and make a virtual ceremonial effigy celebration.
Small pieces of paper to have people write things they want to burn away or release to the universe.
Someone to recite something about the effigy - whether reading BM principles or sharing a short story.
Get a great sound track to play while you build and burn your man.

Step 4: Build Your Man!

Step 1. Head to your local craft store or big box store like Walmart to pick up the supplies listed.
Step 2. Prepare your workstation by covering your space with newspaper or cardboard for an easy clean up.
Step 3. Trim your popsicle sticks as shown in image. Scale to fit your bird houses.
Step 4. Glue 4 sticks to each side as legs to birdhouse body.
Step 5. Glue 3 sticks to arm spots.
Step 6. Glue smaller birdhouse as head on larger birdhouse.
Step 7. Add optional eye decorations.

Step 5: Celebrate! Host a Party and Put Your Burning Man Into Your Celebration Circle.

Optional: If you want to burn your little man, soak a cotton ball in camping fuel and put it inside the holes in the birdhouse body. When ready, use match or long lighter to start the fire. Play music, say good things and enjoy watching your effigy burn. Plan ahead by having a fire safety cotton towel and fire extinguisher within reach.

Step 6: Remember LNT - Clean Up After and Leave No Trace

Congratulations. You built your effigy. Have fun!

Step 7: Questions

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