Introduction: How to Build a Cardboard Robot Hand

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A simple activity to introduce design, building steps and tensors and movement. From a piece of cradboard we draw a big hand (free to draw, creativity). Build a part to introduce our hand and control the cardboard hand from our fingers with tensors.


- Recicled cardboard.

- Cutter or scissors.

- Hotgun glue.

- Pencil.

- Straws.

- Fine rope.

Step 1: Pedagogical and Maker Objectives


- We can work on individual hands or make workteam with a several number of cardboard hands.
- Get or refine some cutting habilities and skills.
- Understand the logics of tensors and movements.


- Design and cut a hand on cardboard.
- Complexity of tensors and movement (depend of the ages we can make more complex).
- Decorate.
- Creativity.

Step 2: Step by Step

1- Select a big piece of cardboard.

2- Design and draw a hand (free to draw, creativity, can be a robot hand, or other tool).

3- Cut the hand on the cardboard.

4- Make the folds of your fingers with a ruler.

5- Cut straws parts of 2cm 20 pieces.

6- 15 of pieces of straws can be pasted on the finger joints of the cardboard.

7- 5 of pieces of straws can be pasted to the wrist of the cardboard, side by side.

8- Cut 5 parts of the rope, as long as it can go from the tip of the cardboard finger to where you will place your hand.

9- Build the piece in which you will place your hand. A cardboard bridge that we will use to pass the hand. We will glue it to the cardboard hand. The fingers must be free to tie the rope.

10- Connect the fingers with the rope passing the rope inside the straws. Make a simple bond to get your finger inside.

Step 3: Credits