Introduction: How to Build a Computer

Today I will be giving you step by step instructions on how to build a computer.

Before you begin, you want to make sure that you have a clean work space, anti static mat, and a anti static wrist strap.

These are all safety steps you will want to do before you begin building, it will protect yourself and the computer components.

You first want to take the motherboard out of the box and place it on the box that it came in.

After you have done that, take out the CPU and heat sink. Put the CPU in the CPU socket, then put about a grain of rice on top of the CPU, then you can place the heat sink of the CPU. Then latch it in place.

Take the RAM out of its container, the put the RAM in the DIMM slots next to the CPU. You should place the RAM right next to each other, so it will not use dual channel. You do not need dual channel.

Take the standoffs from the case, and place them in the correct order so the motherboard will not touch the metal of the case.

Place motherboard inside the case after you have put the I/O shield, then you have installed the motherboard, now just screw in the motherboard.

Take the GPU and place it in the PCI slot, and you have just installed the GPU.

Take the hard drive and place it in one of the slots to install it.

Now, place the power supply in the case and screw it into place so it will not move.

Take the 24-pin connector and place the in to the motherboard.

Take the 4-pin connector and place that into the motherboard.

Use a sata and sata power to connect to the hard drive.

Take the front panel cables and put them into the motherboard as well.

And now all you do is turn it on.

And you have built a computer.

Made by: Brian Brooks and Hatcher Pilichowski