Introduction: How to Build a Cookie-Tin Guitar

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Instructable detailing the construction of a wooden guitar neck that can be paired with a metal cookie-tin, cigar box, drum or anything you can think of make a playable instrument!


All the common tools will be eventually used to make this build such as saws, screwdrivers, hammer, sandpaper, screws, bolts etc.
Some tools not as common
1 Files (metal)
2 Bench sander (saves a lot of time and can maintain a flat surface)
3 Japanese saw (for cutting fret slots) not necessary but has a very thin kerf which is good

1 Fretwire
2 Guitar tuners
3 Brass door hinge
4 Metal cookie tin
5 Wood for neck (50” x 3” x 1”)
6 White or carpenters glue
7 Machine screw, wood screws
8 Stain
9 Clear coat
10 Brass drawer pull

Step 1: Building a Cookie-tin Guitar

This is a step by step process of building a guitar using a metal cookie tin as the body. I will show how to make the wooden neck from raw wood to final installation. All of the procedures can be applied to building any “neck-through” guitar. Bodies such as a cigarboxes, salad bowls or drums can be substituted for the tin and this instructable will be still be relevant.
During the making of this Instructable I tried to document every single thing I did, no matter how small or obvious it seemed to me. I ended up with notes with over 100 steps! Step #2 I will show pictures of those notes. They were more to help me remember what the corresponding pictures and video displayed but they might help too.
Here is a video of the entire process. It is long at 26 minutes or so but it had to be detailed enough to show all the steps. I’ve built about 12 instruments like this so far and I am glad to able to share any hints and tips I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully this Instructable will enable you to continue learning too!

Step 2: The Notes

These are the notes I recorded to help me explain in the video what you are looking at and what to do. This list could be used as a quick reference of sequence of steps in the build. The notes are all in order exactly documenting my process.