Introduction: How to Build a Corner Shelf for You Bathroom at TechShop

My sister-in-laws bathroom countertop was getting a little crowded and mentioned to my wife that she wanted to buy a corner shelf.  My wife then proceeded to tell her that I could build one for her one. 

So yup, you guessed it.  I built one at Tech Shop

Step 1: Gather Tools and Cut Materials

1”x 10”x 6’ pine board
#10 biscuits

Tools :
Miter Saw
Biscuit Jointer
Orbital Sander
Tape measure

I used the miter saw cut the board into

six -  9 ½” squares (shelves)

two - 4 ½” cuts (top and bottom slab)

then lightly sanded the material

Step 2: Lay Out the Shelf and Make the Biscuit Cuts

After the boards we cut to size I laid out the material so that I could visually see the shelf unit.

With the material laid out, I then clamped a square scrap of MDF to the workbench to use as backing for the biscuit jointer.  I then, one piece at a time (to not get mixed up) lined the shelf with the edge of the work table (for biscuit alignment) and cut the biscuits into the shelves.  And then placing each piece back to the layout position.

Step 3: Glue Up

After all the biscuit cuts and been made, I brushed on glue and added the biscuits to the joints, one joint at a time.I broke the gluing and clamping process down to three sections- top, bottom, and middle.I know there are better ways, but I just don’t know them.And after allowing them to set up for a while (1 hr.) I then proceeded to glue and clamp all three sections together to complete the glue up process.

Step 4: Final Sanding

After the glue had plenty of time to set up (about 4 hours).I used an orbital sander with 220 grit sand paper to smooth out the faces and edges of each shelf.I also rounded the outside corner of each shelf that was sticking out so that there would not be a sharp point on each corner of the shelf.

Step 5: Finish

To install the shelf I will drill two recessed holes at the top and bottom of the shelf “slabs” and anchor the shelf to the wall.  The screw holes will then be covered by buttons and should blend in nicely. As far as the finish, it could be stained, but the color and painting will be done by my sister–in-law.  And I’m definitely not picking out a color, I’m sure it would be the wrong one.

Well, this is what the corner shelf will kind of look like mounted on the wall just to give you an idea, but with tons of items on the shelf.  I’m sure my sister-in-law will love having her countertop back.