How to Build a DIY Projector Screen

Introduction: How to Build a DIY Projector Screen

For under $70, Griffin builds a classy 93-inch fixed projection screen! Also, where to buy cheap screen material—blackout cloth—and how to add a DIY tripod mount to your own projector!

Miter saw
Power drill

Blackout cloth, purchased here:
1x3 lumber
Angled moulding
3" drywall screws
1" drywall screws
Black matte spray paint
Felt pads
Picture hanging kit

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    7 years ago

    I suggest that you look up the specs of your projector with respect to the throw distance, zoom ratio, etc. before you design your screen.

    Also consider aspect ratio. Will you be playing media with 16:9, 4:3, or both?

    A good site for this is:

    A good test after you calculate your screen dimensions is to just set up the projector first with an old sheet, or just against the wall and see what the projected image dimensions are, to confirm your design.

    (My setup had the projector in a closet with a hole in the wall, so the distance to the screen was not flexible. This limited the size of my screen.)