Introduction: How to Build a Freestanding Panel

Many people in the cattle world use free standing panels to make a quick sturdy pen when working cattle or just to put up as a temporary fence. They can be moved quickly with a tractor or a skid steer. Anyone can build one if they have the right equipment to do it. All a person needs are a welder, welding helmet, welding gloves, and a saw to cut the metal. A person will also need to get your well pipe and sucker rod. Precut kit are also available to buy.

Step 1: Put Top Piece of Well Pipe in Jig

First, make sure the top piece of well pipe is cut to 24 feet long. If it is not 24 feet, it will need to be cut to that length. Set the pipe in place in the jig or frame to hold pieces in squarely so they don’t have to be held in place by hand. If a jig is not available have a clean level surface to work on.

Step 2: Weld Legs

Secondly, weld the legs for the panel together so they can be set in the jig. Set all of the legs in place. If a jig is available, wait with this step and set the upright part of the legs against the top pipe to be welded together.

Step 3: Cut and Install Sucker Rod

The third thing that needs to be done is to cut all of the ends of the sucker rod off and set them in place. After they are cut and set in place, weld metal clips in place to hold the sucker rod in place. Weld the ends of the sucker rod so it can’t slide out of the clips.

Step 4: Weld Braces and Chains

Next, stand the panel up and weld the bottom parts of the legs on if there isn’t a jig available. After that, weld the back side of the legs. Then, weld the chains and braces on the panel to complete it.

Step 5: The Final Steps

Once these steps are complete double check to make sure everything is welded securely. If the welds aren’t good the panel could fall apart and severely injure a human or animal. Then move the panel out of the way to make another one or clean up the working area.