How to Build a Giant Snakes and Ladders Game

Introduction: How to Build a Giant Snakes and Ladders Game

Almost all of us have played snakes and ladders before. It's one of the oldest and most fun games for many generations. It's an easy, fun and social game for most. So what if we told you that you could make your fantastic childhood game into your very own backyard game. Just like the board game, even this backyard game could be played by ages higher than 4. Here we will show you how to build your own giant snakes and ladders backyard game. It could easily be built under $30 and would take only a few hours of your time.

Step 1: Go to Your Local Hardware Store

I would suggest going to either Home Depot or the dollar store. Any other store would also work.

1. Tarp - I bought my tarp from home depot for $7 (near the paint section). Later another day I found some tarps from the dollar store too, for a bit cheaper but in the colour blue.

2. Duct tape - I bought my yellow duct tape from Home Depot as well for about $4. You could also buy it from the dollar store for $2 but with a limited choice of colours.

Step 2: Other Materials You Could Find in Your House

1. Cardboard (you could find any empty cardboard boxes inside your recycling bin / basement

2.Glue / tape

3. Scissors

4. Construction paper or any paper

5. Ruler / meter stick

Step 3: Grab Your Tarp

Lay it down on a flat surface. Tape each tile with your chosen duct tape leaving a space between each one. After taping specific tiles, your tarp should look like a checkers mat.

Step 4: Adding Numbers to Your Tarp

write numbers on each tile, starting from the bottom left and moving right. The numbers on each tile should start with 1 to 100 or the amount of tiles you have made.

Step 5: Adding Visuals Aka Snakes and Ladders

After numbering each tile on your tarp. You could use a transfer paper or any blank paper and use glue to stick it onto the tarp. When sticking the snake and ladder onto the tarp find a tile to start with and another tile to end with. Place the snake/ladder from tile 1 to tile 2. Ladders mean to increase your steps and tile so moving up. While snakes mean to decrease your steps, move down the trail. You could absolutely look at some normal snakes and ladders mat designs for inspiration.

Step 6: Buying a Dice

By now we should be done our snakes and ladders mat. Now its time for the last and pretty easy material, the dice. You could order an inflatable/foam dice online.

Down below is the URL to the inflatable dice we bought. You could go search for more dices. Maybe a bit cheaper, larger, or the ones that are made out of foam.

Step 7: Making Your Own Dice

Maybe some of us don't want to buy a dice or are not able to find a good dice. So here is a simple way to make your own large dice made out of cardboard.

  1. cut out 6 square pieces from your cardboard
  2. set the squares next to one another in a certain way
  3. tape their end points together
  4. lift up the sides so it is formed into a cube
  5. then add as much tape as you want to make the dice secured
  6. then you could add paint onto the cardboard
  7. last add a number onto each side of the cube 1-6

Also i have the URL to the video explaining how to make the Diy Giant Dice if you want.

Step 8: Now You Are Officially Done Your Giant Snakes and Ladders Game Materials

hope you liked our instructable on how to make your very own giant snakes and ladders backyard game.

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