Introduction: How to Build a Honey Bee Box

Making a Honey Bee Box can be a fun and helpful way to help bees pollinate. Bees make about 80% of the pollination and its important to take care of these bees. Building a Honey bee box can help them pollinate in a safe and a secure place.

  • Builder: Sheccid Gonzalez and Yvonne Matias
  • Inventor Person: Stephanie Vazquez


  • Wood
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Honeycombs (Foundation)
  • Mesh
  • Paint (White) (Yellow)
  • Brushes
  • Hinge
  • Glue (For the wood)
  • Frame ( 4x6 )
  • Handle

Step 1: Cutting Wood

You will first start by buying wood and cutting the wood. Cut the wood into two octagons with a 4 and half inch on every side of the octagons. The octagons will be in the front of our bee box. Then we had to cut 8 rectangular wood planks. Each wooden rectangular plank was cut with a width of 4 and a half inch and a length of 16 inches. Then cut two little rectangular pieces of wood with a measurement of

Step 2: Start Drilling

When you're done cutting your wood, you will need a drill and screws to put them together. You will need to get one of the octagons base and two rectangular wooden plank. You will drill them together by adding a wooden plank on the opposite side of each other.

Step 3: Adding the Pieces Together

When you are done with step 2, you are going to start adding the rectangular wooden planks on all the sides except on the top of the octagon and the left side of the octagon. After that, add the other wooden octagon facing towards the other wooden octagon plank.

Step 4: Start Painting

You should now have a almost done bee box. The next thing you are going to do is to start painting the into white. The reason why we chose to paint it to white is so bees can have a sense of safety. Bees would try to avoid colors that are dark like brown because it shows a sign of danger like bears. That's also a reason why beekeepers wear white suits too.

Step 5: Making the Holes

When is dried, you can now add the holes on the front of the box. You will use a drill that can make a hole with a minimum of 1 inch. When you are done adding the holes on the front of the box, feel free to repaint your box again.

Step 6: Making the Window Frame

while you are waiting for your box to dry, get a rectangular wooden plank and make a rectangular shape that would fit a 4x6 frame. When you finish making the rectangular hole, you can just insert the frame into the hole to have a small window for your bee box.

Step 7: Adding the Honeycomb Inside the Box

with the rectangular little planks, you will insert them in row inside the bee box. These will hold the honeycomb and will function as if they were the frame of the honeycomb. Don't put the little rectangular planks in the very middle, give a little space on the side of the bee box because that's where the queen will stay and lay the eggs. The rest of the bees will be on the honeycomb working. The honeycomb will be attached to the little wooden planks horizontally.

Step 8: Adding the Mesh

when you are done adding the little planks in the honey bee box, you will now add the mesh inside the honey bee box to separate the queen bee to the bees inside the box. The reason why they will be separated is so the queen bee won't lay eggs on the honey combs while bees are making honey.

Step 9: Finishing Drilling

when you are done adding the stuff inside, you now drill the rectangular plank with the window attached to the box. After drilling the rectangular plank to attach to the honey bee box, you now add a hinge to the top of the bee box to make a lid that can open and close. The hinge will be place on the side of the top of the octagon side. Then add a handle on top where it opens the honey bee box.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Honey Bee Box

When you are done with step 9, add design outside of the box to make it prettier. After that, you can now put the honey bee box in a garden near you and you can now enjoy your honey bee box.