Introduction: How to Build a Media Rack / Bookcase

About: I like the outdoors. I like reading and helping people. I have figured out several things over the years and I feel. I should pass on that knowledge so I can build more.

Hello and I will go over how to build a Bookcase or media rack. I did most of this in a day.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

So here are a few tools and materials that you will need.

Wood screws

Power Drill
Tape measure
Drill bits

Step 2: Measure and Cut

So this is the fun part. Power tools and tape measurements.

Make a cut list of what you need as you need 2 sides pieces, a top piece, and 4 shelves. Measure twice and cut once and remeasure after your cuts.

Step 3: Assembly

More fun to be had with tools. Power Drill and drill bits. A fun way to spend the day.

When I assembled the shelf I made sure to take a small bit and drill a pilot hole followed by a larger bit for the head of the screw to go. Try not to go too deep here as it makes more work when it comes time to fill the holes.

I then repeated the process for each shelf and checked to make sure I had everything straight. Or straight enough as a few shelf were not a straight as I would have liked.

Step 4: Sanding

So now the part that I usually go over board on. Sanding.

I sand first with a 100 or 150 grit paper. You can do this by hand or cheat. I cheated and used an electric sander as it was quicker and did a better job than I could have done.

I do this before I fill any holes as you would be surprised what you find needs some putty after you sand. So I sand and then on to the next step.

Step 5: Putty

Place holder as this is an ongoing project and I haven't made it that far yet.