How to Build a Mega Snowmobile

Introduction: How to Build a Mega Snowmobile

I'm going to show you how to make an awesome snowmobile out of Lego pieces. It won't take long! Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Big Sled Part and 6 X 6 Gray Piece

Step 3: Slanted White Piece With Holes and 2 X 4 Gray Plate With Three Holes and 5 X 4 Special Gray Plate

Step 4: White Slanted Piece and 2 Slanted Gray Pieces and 2 2 X 4 Black Bricks

Step 5: Balancing Wings and Window

Step 6: 2 Slanted Gray Pieces on the Wings

Step 7: 5 X 4 Special Gray Plate, Then 1 X 2 Black Connector Pieces, Then 4 X 3 Connecting Plate, Then 4 X 3 Flat Gray Plate

Step 8: Connect the Connected Pieces to the Window

Step 9: 2 2 X 2 Gray Pieces for Wings

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