Introduction: How to Build a One Button Wheat Farm in Minecraft.

In this project you will see a step by step tutorial to make a one button wheat farm in minecraft!

Step 1: Find Flat Area to Build

Step 2: Build the Farmland

Build two 4 x 7 block rectangles directly next to each other and make a 1 x 7 ditch below them.

Step 3: Place Water

Put water in the ditch and place a block behind it to stop leaks. The block can be anything that doesn't have a gravity effect.

Step 4: Place the Border

Cover the water with any non-gravity block and make a frame with that block too as shown in the image.

Step 5: Funnel Water Into Chest

At the bottom place water under the two outer parts of the frame and dig a ditch to make it funnel into the center. At that center place a sign so no water is in the actual center. Under the sign place a hopper that feeds into a chest.

Step 6: Place Dispensers

Replace all the blocks at the top with dispensers (not to be confused with droppers) and put one water bucket in each one.

Step 7: Place Button

Add a button at the end of the left border.

Step 8: Make a Red-Stone Path

Place red-stone leading from the block the button is placed on to the top of the dispensers. Replace a couple bits of red-stone with repeaters so the signal doesn't die.

Step 9: Till Dirt

Till all of the dirt in the farm.

Step 10: Plant Seeds

Plant seeds on all of the dirt that is tilled.

Step 11: Light It Up!

Light up the farm with torches, end-rods, glow-stone, ect.

Step 12: Wait

Wait until the crops fully grow.

Step 13: Press Button to Turn It On

Press the button on the farm to harvest all the crops. Press it again and check the chest to see your loot!