How to Build a Pegboard Wall Organizer

Introduction: How to Build a Pegboard Wall Organizer


Drill /screw gun

Saw (hand, chop, miter or table)

Tape measure


Stud finder


Safety glasses


1 piece of pegboard 24” x 48”

3 48” 1x4 pieces of wood (pine or any cheap construction wood found at your local hardware or lumber store)

16 screws ¾” screws

8 2” Truss Screws (or Drywall)

⅛” drill bit

#6 Countersink drill bit

Wood Glue


Step 1: Making the Frame for the Pegboard

Cut the 1x4 wood that makes a frame for the back of the pegboard. If you have a miter saw you can cut the wood making mitered joints or you can line up to make a butt joint. Once the pieces are cut glue them to the back of the pegboard and clamp them into place. After the glue has dried for 20 minutes, flip the pegboard so that you can begin securing it from the front. Use the #6 countersink drill bit to pre drill where ¾” screws will go to secure the wood from into place. I used 2 screws at each corner and additional screws every 12”.

Step 2: Find Those Studs!

Using a stud finder, locate the studs on the wall where the peg board will be drilled into. Mark on the wall where you want to drill the screws into the pegboard and then into the wall.

Step 3: Hole for the Truss Screws!

Depending on where the studs were located, drill ⅛” holes so that each edge has at least 4 holes. My studs were 16” apart allowing for 4 holes to be in the studs. You can put two holes below each other if the stud allows it.

Step 4: Secure to Wall

Using 2” truss or drywall screws, mount the framed pegboard onto the wall. Use a level to ensure the pegboard straight.

Step 5: Add Assembly Hooks

I bought a kit that came with a variety of hooks from Amazon but Home Depot and Lowe's have hook sets has well. You can purchase hooks from many places and its up to you depending on the tools you want to organize. Click here to see the kit I got from Amazon that was $20.

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