Introduction: How to Build a Phone Holder for a Tripod With a Build N Go Tow Truck Metal Toy Set

The basics you will need is this kids toy set

Step 1: What You Will Need.

You are going to need a couple of phillips screw drivers and a tripod, a sharpy, a 9/32 socket 1/2 an inch tall and a 9/32 socket 2 inches tall or a size 7 small socket, and a socket screw driver, a small ratchet, and a 7/16 socket for the nut.

Step 2: Assembly

First take out your tripod and take out the camera screw and replace it with a slightly longer screw and a nut to hold the screw in place so the blue platform will stay.

Step 3: The Base

You want to make the middle hole in the blue platform big enough so the screw will fit. Then use then follow the pictures for instructions on what to do. Use some little plastic washes or even scrap rubber to make a gap so the other locking plate can make it through. (Make sure you nighten every screw tight unless I say not too.)