Introduction: How to Build a Plant Holder

Me and my friend J’onn decided to build a plant holder with only a drill, and if you stay with us, you will know how to also.

Step 1: Get Tools and Materials

What you need is:

Scrap Wood


Drill bits



Step 2: The Backboard

Okay guys, just to clear it up, your scraps of wood can be whatever length you want. Some of our wood pieces weren't even flush with one another.

First of all, you take wood pieces 1-5 and arrange them how you see in the second picture.

Next take wood piece 6 and place it on wood 1-5 as you see in the third picture.

Then screw in the screws as you see in pictures 4-6.

Then flip this over and take wood piece 7 and lay this across the back, and finally, screw it in, as in picture 7.

Step 3: The Holding Part

First you take wood piece 8 and place it as you see in picture 2.

Then, screw it in as you see in picture 3 (you can screw in as much screws as you want, but for the sake of speed, I only did 2).

Then, you add pieces 10 and 11 like so in the fourth picture and screw them in (fifth picture).

Finally you add wood 9 (picture 6) and screw it in (picture 7).

Step 4: Finishing Up

Congratulations! You have completed your plant box! Now, you can sand it or stain it if you want. We didn't do either so don't feel obligated. Here is our finished product.

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