How to Build a Powerful Metal Rc Robot Tank




Introduction: How to Build a Powerful Metal Rc Robot Tank

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Good friends! So, I thought about a kind of project that would be interesting and I decided to build a tank (space crawl) on a sign of course that is built entirely of metal. 100% My construction is of high quality and accuracy, most parts of the tank have created myself from all sorts of leftovers left in various projects I have done in the past and call it the absence of toys in childhood or whatever. After a long week of planning and construction, the project finally came to an end and with it (how not?) The video documents the process of creation and assembly.

Step 1: Train the Tank Body

To put together the body I used light metal parts and aluminum I made some bending and created a massive and powerful tank body.

Dimensions: Length: 45 cm, width: 29 cm, height: 17 cm

Larval dimensions: length: 127 cm, width: 5 cm.

Control: by a sign and by a designated application for the phone.

Motor specifications: A pair of JGB37-550 24V engines with built-in chalk.

Step 2: Train the Tracks of the Larval Track

fter building the chassis of the tank approach the queen of the vehicle supporting wheels

Step 3: Train the Engines

Next step I assemble the engines that drive the tank, it is important to use strong motors with large torque

Step 4: Step Train the Slide Track

The stage I loved most was just fun

Step 5: Assembling Electronic Components and Recent Tests

Assembling electronic components and recent tests

Step 6: Last Stage

Of course, after I saw that all the mechanisms were working properly and the tank was going as planned, I decided to carry out another upgrade that was very important to me - to give the tank the power it needed - I upgraded the engines to much faster. Instead of 6V I increased to 24V, instead of 200 revolutions I increased to 1400 revolutions to the wheel that drives the larva.

Using planetary chalk (similar to an impact bolt). Changing the motors would also require a change in the battery, so instead of a 7.2V battery I upgraded to a 24V 9A rechargeable battery. The whole business allows me an hour and a half. I also installed a more advanced control and control system on the tank. For each engine I installed a separate brushless water-speed speed controller that allows me to control the speed of the drive through the remote control. And I also added control over the tank through an application. Of course, we will expand on all the changes in the next video, which will also include a test drive in challenging terrain conditions such as sand, grass, gravel, hike, etc.

In the next video that will be released very soon I will show you how the tank travels in difficult terrain Stay tuned for this coming soon

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    which type of motar is used and what is total rupee need


    1 year ago

    Hello...nice video on producing something w/ metal, electronics, and bearings.


    I know everyone uses things differently, i.e. tools esp. I like to handle my screw driver by the tip in case I have to BOP someone on the head. I hate accidentally poking eyes out. Be careful and Godspeed!



    Tip 1 year ago

    Just an FYI on shop procedures, you should never, never, never, (did I mention never) place your angle grinder with the blade down like that. If something were to happen and it did not shut off or it suddenly was to come on, it could catch on your surface or other items and cause great injury spinning out of control (trust me I've seen it) in more than one shop setting.


    Reply 1 year ago

    i agree totally with you, infact i had one injury from angle grinder, luckily not that worse or so, but it definitely was bad idea to keep the angle grinder on floor like that!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Wait for the next video and you'll see how many upgrades I'm going to make