Introduction: How to Build a Propane Forge

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How I made the forge I divided into 2 logical parts.

-making the forge

-some simple modifications for convenient work

The construction is simple and it doesn’t need a draft so without froth let’s get going!

The first part.

The necessary materials for making a hand

-made gas forge

- fire-bricks

– 9 pieces for the forge + 1 piece for a lid

- an angle-iron 25x25x3-2500mm

- a stud bolt -the nuts (hardware) for the stud bolt and the washers (hardware)

– 8 pieces

The necessary tools for making a hand

-made gas forge

-an angle grinder

-a drill

-*a welding machine

*Technically we can do it without welding. Just using bolting materials From the angle-iron we weld 2 frames which will be draw together with the bricks. Then we drill 2 holes in these frames for coupling with the stud bolt . Also we need to drill a hole in a brick for the torch. I did it with a screw drill and then bored out with a cutter.

Afterwards we frame the forge: we lay down the bricks in the lower frame, cover the upper one and couple with the stud bolts. That’s all! Without special expenses you have had a simple gas forge. You can see the making of the forge in details in my video.

The second part.

How I wrote at the beginning of this article, here I was going to describe some simple modifications which I had made during the first days of exploitation of the forge.

The necessary materials for modifications

- an angle-iron 25x25x3

-a shaped tube 20x20x2

-a shaped tube 15x15x2

-a metal strip width 100mm

-a round bar d10 mm

-the wheels 2 pieces

The necessary tools

-an angle grinder

-a welding machine

It’s simpler here. As in the first part you needed to make frames in order of the brick size. But now you just do as convenient for you

I did this:

1. I welded 2 wheels to transmit the forge in my workshop conveniently. It needs not so often, but sometimes it happens.

2. I welded 2 pieces of an armature between 2 legs of the sub-base. This simple action let us keep pincers safely

3. The working shelf. I welded the simplest shelf on the right from the forge. I want to notice that I did it for a good reason. I’m right-handed and I hold a crude product in the left hand and I work with the right hand. The forge is located leftward and not to intersect with fire I work rightward. So the working shelf is better located close to you.

4. The lid. It had to be in the first part. But instead of the lid we can simply use 10th brick from the first part and cover the forge window with the brick. I made some efforts and made the hinged lid and took care of its layout. Just for looking good to the eye.

5. some simple modifications of layout. It’s particularly my own decision. Thank you for watching. I’ll be glad if this article helps you a little. I’ll do my best to make useful projects for a garage or a workshop.

You can see the modifications in details in my video. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll never miss my new projects.