Introduction: How to Build a Sabre

I wanted to share with you how to build a sabre. I have been fencing for more than 10 years now and, over the years, I have never once built a sabre because I would always have someone do it for me. My transition to college has forced me to learn how to do so to be independent and to not have to rely on someone to build my sabres for me. This is why I want to share my knowledge with you, to make sure that anyone out there can build their own sabres.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Blade

- Guard

- Grip/handle

- Plug

- Pad

- Washer

- Pommel

- Hex wrench

Step 2: Start Building!

Hold the blade so that the portion with the stem is at the top and the tip of the blade towards the bottom.

Place the Guard on the Blade: Make sure the flat part of the blade is towards you and the cutting edge of the blade is on the side of the finger guard

Do not put the top part of the guard onto the blade because the other items will fit in between these two parts.

Step 3: Conduction

Place the plug onto the blade on top of the guard. Make sure it is facing the outside, opposite the palm (not towards the cutting edge or flat edge)

This is so it will conduct.

Step 4: Comfort First

Place the pad onto the blade on top of the plug.

This is for the comfort of your hands when fencing.

Step 5: Get a Grip!

Slide the handle onto the blade.

This will make it possible for you to hold the sabre.

Step 6: Easy Step!

Close the Guard on the top of the handle.

Step 7: Almost Done!

Place the washer on the top of the guard.

Step 8: Last Part of Putting It Together!

Screw the pommel on the end of the sabre.

Step 9: Last One!

Tighten the pommel with the Hex wrench and make it tight so that the grip doesn’t rotate/move within the sabre.

I hope that this was helpful for all the fencers out there, but also for the non-fencers who might be interested in building a sabre.