Introduction: How to Build a Screen Door Out of an Old Window

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I needed a door inside of my house to cover my closet under my stairs and I just loved the idea of it being a "Screen door" I found this old window out my shed. Tragically, the bottom screen was in too bad a shape to repair so I had to cut it off, so the window (already way too short) ended up FAR too short to be our door.

I sandwiched the screen and the plywood with a 1×4 running entirely down either side, using screws as I went. Then, I flipped it over to the “front” and started framing it out with 1x4s around the bottom where the plywood was and 2x2s around the window. The screen door complete, I added hinges and brought it into the house. I used regular door hinges but I only used two, this door didn’t weigh very much so I knew two would do. Once hung, I used wood putty on all of the screws holes and then sanded the entire door down with fine grit sand paper and my electric palm sander.

Step 1: Completion

I taped off the screen and used Rustoleum Sunset Red paint. I did three coats of paint on it and, yes I know, Rustoleum was a bit over kill but I loved out tough it is. I'm totally happy with my little door!

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