Introduction: How to Build a She-Shed

Hey kiwiis! Today I am gonna' show you how to make a cute She-Shed! It is actually very complex... lol sorry, I couldn't help pulling your leg. But really, it is quite simple!


Here are the supplies needed;


Step 1: Step 1; Lay Out Your Plan!

So first, you need to plan your She-Shed. This will make it so you know exactly where to build! The layout is:



Step 2: Step 2; Make the Basic Skeleton!

Now that you have lain out your plan, time to make the skeleton! All you have to do is take some logs (any kind) and build them up by four. Then add them up to form a sort of dome, like so (zoom in if needed).

Step 3: Step 3; Change Blocks & Fill It In!

This is really simple. All you have to do is take your planning blocks (refer to Step 1) and change them into a different block of your choice. After that, fill in your wall, dome, and floor.

Step 4: Step 4; Decorate!

Here comes the fun part! Add lighting, banners, flowers, and other decorations of your choice!

Step 5: Step 5; You're All Done!

All finished! I hope you kiwiis will enjoy your little hang-out spot, and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please share your projects and I'll see you next time! Byyeee!!!