How to Build a Steel Fishing Leader

Introduction: How to Build a Steel Fishing Leader

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This is a DIY video for a Shark/Bullred steel fishing leader. The way I like to make them. Let me know what you think?

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Thanks for looking and Happy DIYing!

Step 1: Parts and Tools


Heat Gun (for shrink tubing)


Wire Cutters (if crimpers can't cut wire)


49 strand stainless steel cable - 6'+ (depending on desired leader length)

Double Barrel Crimp Sleeves

Lock Swivels - 200lb or higher

Swivels - 200lb or higher

Offset Circle Hook - 10/0 to 18/0 (depends on your size preference)

Shrink Tube - 6' or more depending on desired leader length (1/8" tube worked for me)

Assorted Beads - 2-8 pieces (which ever color you prefer)

Optional Tools and Parts:

Soldering Iron, Solder, and Flux (got my flux at Radioshack)

Stainless Steel Cable Thimbles (used in loops)

Note: Shrink Tube is also optional


All the photos are examples of what you could use.

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