Introduction: How to Build a Sturdy Frame of Bird Cage Out Off Wood

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How to build a sturdy frame of bird cage out off wood

For bird lovers, especially birds chirp, of course, become an inseparable part is a bird cage. Even for bird communities singing because for a contest it needs a representative cage. They do not hesitate to spend millions for a stone magpie cage or a bird cage most expensive. For certain communities even already produce special such as bird cage "pleci". There are many types of bird cages according to the bird species. In addition to the above types are also produced parrot cage and so on.

For the sake of a bird cage needs has been created in various types of bird cage machine. Among them are bird cage machine, bird cage drilling machine and bird cage machine itself, both manual bird cage machine and automatic bird cage machine

This time the Robot Ukir Indonesia invites you to simply picture how to make variations of the compound shape of a bird cage. We will show you the making of antique bird cage frames designed in such a way that they can be sturdy without nails. With this cnc assembled machine it is expected that a bird cage machine can thrive. So it can be easier, cheaper, faster and precision

How to make the framework of this antique bird cage without spikes by utilizing the profile form on the pole, then can fit and proper when we arrange

Tool and Material :

    • Homemade CNC Router
    • Vectric Aspire 8.5
    • Vbit 90 degree
    • End Mill 6 mm
    • Drill 4 mm
    • Wooden Board 40x60x1cm
    • 2.2x32cm x 4 pcs for pillars
    • Thin board with 5mm thick for retaining
    • Clamp
    • Glue

    Step 1: Antique_Bird_Cage_design.crv3d

    Download this unperfect antique_Bird_Cage_design.crv3d

    • You can edit and customize the workspace of your machine
    • Create toolpaths by Following a vector in the design
    • For flower motifs use Vbit with a depth of 3mm
    • Make toolpath with 3mm end mill for all holes and for cutting

    Design Description :

    Pediments with floral motive front anf back, these two pieces must be screwed to rail of top frame

    Curved Fillet 4 pieces, for gluing back of pediments

    Fillets 8 pieces with grove for wires

    Cross Hanging Rail, glued above each pair of wires on front and back pediments

    End Rail top and lower frame

    Front of tray

    Floor of sliding tray

    Step 2: Cutting and Drilling


    After preparation is complete

    You can cut the workpiece according to the design you have customized

    Especially for the 4 pole part you can make it with your desk router

    Step 3: Assembly

    Snap all the pieces that have been clipped with the help of clamps and glue

    Sorry for my english and many shortcomings on this project

    Thank You Very much

    Step 4: All Steps in Video "How to Build a Sturdy Frame of Bird Cage Out Off Wood"

    All Steps In Video "How to Build a Sturdy Frame of Bird Cage Out Off Wood"