How to Build a Tesla Coil (Beefed Up ) FROM "SCRAP"!!!!!!!

Introduction: How to Build a Tesla Coil (Beefed Up ) FROM "SCRAP"!!!!!!!

In this project we will learn how to build a Tesla coil from scratch we will be using parts that can be easily savaged from parts we can get from old power supplies and crt televisions. This project will just cover the basics and by the end we will have a Tesla coil that produces arcs and and wirelessly transfer power to neon tubes and fluorescent bulbs.

So sit tight while you get to learn all about it.

Please read the warning section before proceeding further as this project can potentially harm you in many ways.

Step 1: Warning!!! (Many Ways to Die!)

  • it produces very high voltage whitch can mess with wireless devices, life support units , pacemakers etc.
  • It produces electromangnetic radiation in a variety of bands so radios wont work near it or the sound will be crappy
  • It produces ozone (o3) so use this device in a well ventilated room
  • It wont give you a really nasty shock but it burn my skin which brought me pain
  • Never use smartphones near this as touchscreen doesn't work
  • personally i don't get a shock when i touch it but never take this device lightly

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies (I Got Everything From Scrap)!!

  1. 2" pvc pipe (any material would work other than metal) 18" long
  2. Enameled copper wire .
    1. 300ft copper wire 24 awg
    2. about 7ft of thick 4mm diameter wire
  3. capacitor 1000uf 100v (the volateg rating depend upon the supply voltage you have)
  4. filtering inductor any for filtering
  5. 50k pot
  6. 2 X 1n4007 generic diode
  7. Some pieces of wood for making base you can also use pvc board.

Step 3: Tools

These tools are optional as per your design

Step 4: "Nothings Runs Without a Power Supply "

First of all forget about the cool 500watts computer power supply as they are not siited for the job.

Why you may ask ? if you don't want to get brain cancer skip this part

The reason is simple as the Tesla coil starts it draws a lot of current which triggers the over current protection of the system and as a result it won't turn on so unless you mod the supply you wont be able top run such high power SSTCs there (anonymous:but man how did you fired your tesla coil with computer power supply,Me:man my circuit draws less than 1A(900ma) at 24 volts and also my circuit is a little modded so that there is not over current protection)

Anonymous:So man whats the solution

Me: use transformers with ntc and bridge rectifier and smoothing caps to get such a good power supply

Step 5: Start the Building the Primary

You can try a variety of primary coil design

  • spiral
  • helical ,etc

and if you dont care about it and just want a working model then make the one showcased in the first image

Step 6: Start the Building the Secondary (aka Winding)

Anonymous:how to wind it

ME:by hand and a looooooot!! of patience

you have to make at least of 1000turns

Step 7: Circuit Diagram "Everything in This Universe With Stay in the State of Motion or Rest Until and Unless an External Force Is Applied - Newton"

Step 8: Finished

Wallah you have competed you first sstc build


Have a nice day!

Step 10: A Bit of "THERORY"

Anonymous: MAN I WANT BIGGER ARCs,So i shoud make more turn on primary as a general rule of thumb

ME:NAh it is depended upon the ratio of primary to secondary capacitance and also the secondary to primary inductance.

So if you want higher arcs either increase the input volatage

increase secondary inductance (or simply turns)


Step 11: Troublesshooting !!!

This part should be at the first as per my perspective.It is more probable that your circuit didn't work at the first place

and believe me you are not the only one it took me almost 1 year to figure out what was wrong.So let's get started

  • "Thou shall check the power supply first " first check the power supplies ,whether it has an over current protection, try using a transformer as a supply.
  • Check all connections
  • Check the transistor
  • <<<>.
    • either your transistor is dead
    • check the connection from secondary to the base pin of the transistor
    • your winding direction is wrong try reversing the primery connections
    • dont skip the diodes they are very important and if they are dead (very rare ) the the transistor is also dead
    • check whether the transistor can handle such fast switching times,try using a different one
  • is it still doesn't work then try this project at a different time ,as you are very exhasused. Trust me ,i am an idiot

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