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Introduction: How to - Simple Picket Garden Gate

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You May Have Walked across one of these before, Probably Walked Through one.
Is it what Separated your own Area from that which is not.
Either to keep something in or to keep something out.
Howbeit we walk through things we Dont understand or have never thought to?
I will show you how i built this simple Flat top Picket style Garden Gate,
A starting point to expand on the simple structure of the garden gate.

You will need to make some  practical considerations to suit your own needs.

Read what i have to say then see what you can make of it...

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Step 1: Materials

This is what you will need to build a gate

First Decide what size you will make, i am making a 1500m (5ft) x 1200 (4ft) Gate

16 Straight Pickets (1500mm long)
25mm Screw for treated timber (approx 70)

Phillips head drill bit
Tape Measure
A large flat area to work on.

And a milk crate (you never know ,they are always handy)

Step 2: Layout of Gate

The gate will be made up of two back picket braces (what i will screw the timber pickets too) and a straining picket,(to stop a sag in the gate when the gate is hung)

so  [  ==  Braces]  [ / ]

1. Set out the Horizontal Braces , making sure they are level and square. 

It is All right to use braces that are longer than the finished gate, I use the excess to screw and fastening the braces down to the work bench 

2. Starting from Either end, put the first picket and put the last picket down, square it up level it and the screw it down. put all the pickets down and With the pencil mark the line for the screws, making a cross (X) where the screw will be put)

3. it is ok to put the screws in a part of the way in the pickets, but not all the way through

4. now starting from either side work your way in , using the spacers, place the pickets down and screw them down.

It is best to use small spacers just in case your pickets have a slight bow in them, it keeps it accurate

5. when you get to the middle you cant use the spacers, so with your eyes just do the best you can.

Step 3:

Step 4:

just cut the excess off the side of the gate, fit the diagonal brace to suit your needs and you are ready to hang your gate.

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    You can use stodoys. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.


    7 years ago

    Thanks! attempting to replace my gates this week & this post helped!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great project, the gate looks simple and elegant. some questions...
    -in step 3 you show a diagonal, but your text does not mention it. would it make sense to put this in? it looks like it would add to the esthetics and support.
    -where do you hang it? i assume from the horizontal supports? ...and from 4x4's in fence post concrete in the ground?
    -would it make sense to prime before assembly?

    Only asking because i plan to do this project and want details...THANKS!!!