Introduction: How to Build a Trebuchet

A Trebuchet Build



13 inches wide X 16 inches long

6 wide X 16 long X 1.5 height.

wood 1.5 in X 1 in X 3 feet

.5 in h X 12in wide x 3 feet length

drill. drill bit for hole your string size.

small nail ~ 1.5 in long. cut off head!

bungee cords with hooks.

2X 15 pound weights

2 shoe laces

1 piece of rubber 5 X 5 inches. was cut down

golf ball

screws ~ 1.5 inch long

Step 1: Building the Base

The Trebuchet started with a piece of wood, about 13 inches wide X 16 inches long and on top we screwed on another piece of wood, 6 wide X 16 long X 1.5 height. Then triangular pieces of wood were then screwed onto the sides of the top wood block. A block of wood 2 X 2 X 5 was put in the middle and screwed in loosely on both sides. the arm was attached. Weights were secured with bungee cords with hooks at the end.

Step 2:

The sling was a piece of rubber that was cut into a sling shape, and tied on both sides.

Step 3: The Release Mechanism

make sure the head of the nail is removed. One string connecting to the sling was secured onto the arm. The second string was attached with a bent piece of metal onto the nail pictured above. The angle that the nail is positioned in is important to the time at which the trebuchet releases the object. Make sure to adjust the angle to where the ball leaves at a 45 degree angle. The length of both string also adjusts the angle at which the ball leaves.

Step 4: Launching

Put the load into the sling, with the secured side of the string facing downwards, and the releasing side up. Then place the load into the sling and stretch it along the bottom, while holding down the arm as much as it will go. Here is a video demonstration on how to place the sling and firing the trebuchet: