Introduction: How to Build a VR Christmas Card

About: CoSpaces is a platform that allows anyone to create their own VR content.

Have you already written all your Christmas cards? Hopefully not!

Because then you can try something new this year and build virtual reality Christmas cards for your loved ones. Explore an example by clicking this link.

What you will need:

To build the card: a laptop or computer.

What the recipient will need:

To see the card in 3D: a laptop/computer.

Step 1: Create a New CoSpaces Space

Take your computer/laptop and go to the CoSpaces browser app. If you don’t have an account yet, create one for free before opening a new space.

Step 2: Choose the Background

Start by choosing a background for your Christmas card in the stage settings. The snowy mountains, the winter town square and the cozy living room are the most promising candidates.

Step 3: Create the Setting

Use the objects from the library to create a Christmas scene. You can just add them to the stage via drag and drop. Also, you can recolor, resize and rotate the objects you add.

The free CoSpaces library already contains some items that are great material for Christmas creations — such as angels or pine trees. Additionally, there are many Christmas-themed objects in the marketplace. Some of them can even be animated.

You can buy the objects from the marketplace using CoSpaces Coins. As a Christmas gift, CoSpaces is giving its users 600 Coins to get started.

Step 4: Add Personal Images and a Message

Let’s make the Christmas card more personal!

It’s very easy to include your own photos in the VR card. Just drag and drop them from your desktop into the space. You can, for example, hang them on the wall of the living room environment. To add a written message, put up markers or panels with your Christmas wishes or let one of the characters on stage deliver them.

Step 5: Add Music

Doesn’t EVERYONE love greetings cards that play music? So be sure to include some Christmas tune as a background sound in the stage options.

If you want to especially delight (or torture) the recipient of your VR card, you can even do a voice-recording of yourself singing a Christmas carol and upload it to your card.

Step 6: Send Off Your Christmas Card

Once your card is ready, you can use the Play button in the upper right-hand corner to preview how your recipient will see the card.

To deliver the card, generate a sharing link with the Share button and send this link to the person you want to surprise.

Step 7: How to Explore Your Christmas Card

If the card’s recipient opens the link on a computer or laptop, they will be able to see the card in 3D on their screen.

However, the experience is a lot more exciting if your Christmas card is explored with a smartphone and a cardboard headset, like this:

  1. Just open the link on a smartphone with the (free) CoSpaces app (iOS or Android) installed.
  2. Click the headset icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Place the phone inside the headset.
  4. Enjoy!

Hope you will have fun designing your very own VR Christmas card and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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