Introduction: How To: Build a Rolling Pantry

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When I designed where the refrigerator would be I moved it over (so it would open fully before hitting the wall) essentially creating the perfect spot for a rolling pantry.

I chose to build the whole thing out of 2x8s knowing that that would give me a 7 inch depth. From there I took some measurements. To get the height I also made sure to account for the height of the casters I chose. To get the depth I made sure that the pantry would not actually hit the wall in the back. It was just a case then of getting all of my boards cut and screwing it all together. I chose to put the shelves about every foot. The casters I chose DO NOT swivel, I made certain to get the ones that were set in one direction and then, when I attached them with screws, I put them as widely spaced on the bottom of the pantry as I could. Because of this the pantry actually stands on its own as long as no one (or any big dogs…) bumps it, though it will never really need to.

Step 1: Finishing It Up

I used 1x4s to trim it all out and bead board plywood for the back of it. More 1xs completed the front and then I painted the front out in white to match my cabinets. It hides TOTALLY behind my refrigerator and the handle I added makes it practically glide out.

I love the storage!