Introduction: How to Build an Industrial Chic TV Stand

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Hello there! This is my first Instructable so apologies if it is a little unrefined.

I have produced two videos explaining the process i went though to put together this piece of furniture, and i'll add some notes along the way that i think might be helpful.

Even if you decide this isn't the design that you would like to make yourself, i hope you can take away some of the methods and processes i went through to help in your future projects.


Step 1: Part 1

In part one i focus on the making of the steel frame. To do this yourself you would need access to a welder to join the steel. I know this is a stretch for most people so if you don't have a welder at your disposal i would recommend using aluminium instead, and looking up 'How to "Weld" Aluminum Without a Welder' by a Youtube channel named 'Make Something', link here: Using this method you should be able to make a similar frame without the need for special equipment.

Step 2: Part 2

In part two we move onto the plywood shelves and the finishing of the stand. My biggest hick-up on this part of the build was the pegs join the frame to the shelves. If i were to do this again i would probably try and work out another method to do this, but as it stands (no pun intended) i think the TV stand looks quite smart, and it is as tough as it looks.

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