Introduction: How to Build/Start a Campfire

The simplest and most effective way to start any kind of fire is by using the tiipii method. The basic idea of the tiipii method is to create a structure that strengthens the flame while allowing plenty of air to enter. The wide circular base allows for plenty of oxygen flow. The tiipii method starts off with using small kindling wood and then working your way up to larger logs to keep the fire burning. Newspaper is essential to starting a fire, crumpled newspaper takes longer to burn which allows time for the small dry sticks to catch fire leading into your kindling wood starting on fire. Heat rises so be sure to start your fire from underneath to allow everything to catch fire. Fire can be dangerous if you don’t follow the correct steps and take the safety precautions needed.


· Firepit

· Small dry sticks

· Kindling wood

· large logs

· Lighter or matches

· Newspaper

Warning/Safety Tips:

· I am not responsible for any harm or injuries that may accord when following these steps

· Have a controlled area for burning to contain the fire in a small area

· Location: never start a fire too close to any buildings, be cautious of overhanging branches from trees nearby

· Never leave your fire unattended

· Always have water nearby

· Do not put glass, plastics or unconsumable items on fire

· Ensure campfire is extinguished before leaving the area

Tips for Starting The Fire:

- Make sure the wood will not collapse once the twigs and newspaper has burnt up.

- You can never use too much newspaper.

- Once the logs have started to burn on its own it is okay if the tiipii falls over, just use a large think stick to and maneuver the logs to lay on top of each other so they are not all laying flat in the fire pit.

- If you are still having trouble getting the fire to become self-sufficient, you can lighter fluid to help get the logs to start on fire.

Step 1: Collecting Wood

Gather small dry sticks, kindling wood and large logs (kindling wood is small chopped wood for easy burning)

Step 2: Newspaper

Gather up newspaper (do not use paper from magazines)

Step 3: Lighter or Matches

Find a Lighter or Matches

Step 4: Binning

Begin by crumpling up your newspaper into small balls

Step 5: Putting the Paper Into the Fire-pit

Place most of your crumpled-up newspaper balls in the bottom of the firepit

Step 6: Incorporating the Small Sticks

Place small dry sticks on top of the crumpled up newspaper

Step 7: Kindling

Grab your kindling wood and place them over the top of your newspaper and small dry sticks to form a tiipii style campfire

Step 8: Placing the Kindling

Lean roughly 8 pieces of kindling toward each other forming a tiipii shape fire, leaving a wide circular base at the bottom to allow for oxygen flow to form the tiipii

Step 9: Adding More Newspaper

use more crumpled-up newspaper and place it in the pockets created from the tiipii (remember to leave open pockets to allow air to get through)

Step 10: Lighting the Fire

Once your tiipii is completed and standing grab your lighter or matches and begin to light various pieces of newspaper starting with the inside and working your way out

Step 11: Fanning the Fire

Once the fire has started it may need help staying lit, you can help it by fanning your fire. You can fan the fire with leftover non-crumpled newspaper (fanning the fire will create more oxygen to let the fire breathe)

Step 12: Your Fire Is Started!

Step 13: Keeping the Fire Going

Keep adding more kindling and newspaper as the fire dies down and you’ll begin working up to larger logs to keep the fire at a steady burning point.

Step 14: Maintaining the Fire

After you have added larger logs to your fire, and they are burning without the need of newspaper or kindling, you can finally relax and enjoy the fire.