Introduction: How to Butcher a Pheasant

Have you ever wondered what hunters do after they shoot a pheasant? Being in the pheasant cleaning business for 40 plus years my family and I are very experienced at this task and have found this way the easiest to clean a pheasant. Today I will show you these easy 4 steps


Dead Pheasant, Game shears, cold water,

Step 1: Cutting the Head, Wings, and One Leg

Step one is to grab your game shears that you should have handy. Then cut the pheasants head off, both wings, and one leg

Step 2: Taking the Skin Off

Next start pulling the skin off with your hands. Be sure that you get under the skin and not just pull the feathers off. Make sure to have a tub to put the feathers in because it makes a mess.

Step 3: Gutting the Bird

As soon as you have that done. Grab the game shears and start cutting up the spine of the pheasant on two sides opening up the pheasants back. Grab the top of the bird where the head is located and pull down and the guts will fall out. Be sure to get all the guts out.

Step 4: Cooling the Bird

Now you are to your final step and that is cooling the bird. Cooling the bird is one of the most important parts because if you bag this meat hot and put in a freezer it will grow bacteria and won't be safe to eat.

Step 5: