Introduction: How to Calculate the Area of a Trapezoid in Python?

With this instructuable you will be able to know the area of any given trapezoid with the help of a program in python.

Step 1: Download Python 2.7.10 and Necessary Libraries

Download python here:

Download the libraries here:

Numpy and Matplotlib

Step 2: The Are of a Trapezoid

The area of a trapezoid has the following equation:

A=(b+B)/2 + H


A is the area

B is the length of the longer base

b is the length of the smaller base

H is the height of the trapezoid

Step 3: Building the Code

In order to build the code, you must have in mind that you must include:

- Libraries: Numpy and matplotlib.pyplot

- Allow the user to register the coordinates for the first two points.* (explanation in the picture)

- Convert the users information into the variables needed to calculate the area.

- Give the user the area of the trapezoid.

- Graph the trapezoid.

Step 4: Final Code

import numpy as np 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
x1=float(input("Ingrese la coordenada en X del primer punto "))
y1=float(input("Ingrese la coordenada en Y del primer punto "))
x2=float(input("Ingrese la coordenada en X del segundo punto "))
y2=float(input("Ingrese la coordenada en Y del segundo punto "))
B=np.sqrt(((x2-x1)**2)+((y2-y1)**2)) ##B es la longitud de la base mayor
b=(x2-x1) ##b es la longitud de la base menor
h=y2 ##h es la altura del trapecio.
print("El area del trapecio es",area)
plt.plot([x1,x2,x2,x1,x1],[0,0,y2,y1,0]) #grafica los puntos del trapecio
plt.axis([-1,20,-1,20]) #Limita la longitud de los ejes
plt.fill_between([x1,x2,x2,x1,x1],[0,0,y2,y1,0]) #llena el espacio entre puntos

Step 5: Run the Program