Introduction: How to Capture the Sun in a Jar!

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I was looking for way to provide an energy fun and safe night light for the grandchildren's bed room.  I found inspiration for this project in two places; the first is here:, so my thanks for Amanda and her Epsom salt luminaries and here:, my additional thanks to cre8tor for his sun jars.  What really finalized the project was the day I walked into our local dollar store and there were the solar powered lamps for one buck.  The same day I went to target and they had them there for $2-$10.  Hurray! This just might work.  So I bought 3 (from the dollar store) and when home and when I had a little free time, I made them.  So here is how I was able to “Capture the Sun in a Jar”, and add a little light to that dark bedroom.

Step 1:

Solar yard lamps ($1 from Dollar Store)
Glass jar with glass lid ($2.50 from local craft store)
E 6000 glue
Espom Salts crystals ($3.00 for a big bag)
Modge Podge glue
Food colors (you choose)
Paint brush
Paper (foam) plate
Clear spray sealer
Blue painters tape

Step 2:

Take the solar yard lamp apart, until all you have is the main light assembly.  On the top is a mini solar panel. 

Step 3:

If you unscrew the screws on the back you will find a rechargeable battery which is connected to the solar panel.

Step 4:

On the opposite end it a LED light.  If you cover the solar panel the light will glow.  Just leave it the way it is.

Step 5:

Put some of the E-6000 on to the outer edge of the solar panel

Step 6:

and stick it to the underside of the glass lid.  This will allow the solar panel to absorb the energy from sun through the glass and store the energy in the battery.   The E 6000 is and dries clear so it will not interefer with the solar panels' energy gathering capabilities.

Step 7:

Place a piece of the blue painters tape on top of the lid to cover the solar panel.  You will be covering the jar with Epsom salts and you want to keep the solar panel area clear so that it can absorb the suns energy.

Step 8:

Pour some Epsom salts crystals on to the paper/foam plate.  At this point, if you want you can add a couple of drops of food coloring, using whatever color you choose.  Use a spoon to mix it well.

Step 9:

Use the paint brush to spread the glue all over the jars sides.  Use as much glue as you can without it running all over.  Roll the glue covered sides of the jar in the Epsom salts crystals.  Set it aside to let it dry (this will take several hours to overnight).

Step 10:

Spread the glue on the sides of the lid and cover it with Epsom salts.  Put more glue on top of the lid, all around where the solar panel will be.  Sprinkle more Epsom salts on the glue.  Get every area, except the solar panel area, covered with Epsom salts crystals.  Let dry.  Wash the brush with soap and water and let it dry also.

Step 11:

After the glue holding the Epsom salts crystals is dry, take the clean, dry paint brush, and brush off any loose salt crystals.  Then use the clear spray sealer to seal the Epsom salts crystals.  Spray 4 light coats, with time to dry, in between each coat.  A heavy coat could cause the Epsom salts crystals to dissolve, so light coats work best.  Let dry.

Step 12:

Remove the little piece of blue tape to expose the solar panel to the light of the sun, especially in a south or west window (if you live in North America), or set it where light bulbs can power the solar panel.
When the dark descends the stored energy in the battery, will turn on the light in the bottle and it will glow. What a wonderful night light for the grandchildren.  Beautiful!   Enjoy!
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