Introduction: How to Carve Woody From Toy Story

So today I have decided to go more to the Disney magical side then the scary horror side for this pumpkin carving. I am very excited to do this carving and I decided to choose Woody as a character to carve. Hopefully you enjoy this.

Step 1: The Supplies/Materials

1) One large Pumpkin
2) Printed Woody template for carving Link 👉
3) Tape
4) Scissors
5) Pumpkin carving kit
6) Thumb tack
7) Bowl (to dump all the seeds in the bowl)
8) Small plastic candles

Step 2: Scooping Out the Seeds From the Pumpkin. Warning Will Get Messy!!!!

1) First, cut a circle at the top of the stem on the Pumpkin. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect but cut it wide enough for the spoon to scoop out the seeds.
2) Second, get a bowl and your spoon and scoop as much as you can out until there is no longer any seeds.
3) Third, This is (OPTIONAL) instead of throwing the seeds you could roast them and eat them for a later snack.

Step 3: Poking Small Holes As Guide Lines

1) Get your tape, scissors, the Woody template, and the thumb tack
2) Get the tape and cut a couple of strips
3) Get the paper and center it in the middle of the pumpkin
4) Get the thumb tack and carefully follow the lines and poke holes.When you finish it would help you as a guide line. Just a heads up it gets a little tiring but promise you it will be worth it.
5) When you have finished take the template of and see how nice a came out.


1) Get your carving kit
2) When starting to carve I would recommend to use the smallest knife out of the kit it would be a lot easier.
3) So the holes that we put on the pumpkin they have a purpose there purpose is to work at guide lines
4) When cutting be gentle and if you need to take a break go for it I took many breaks because I was scared to mess it up
5) When I was taking some parts of the Pumpkin it was a little hard but I used the knife to either push them out or pull them out
6) When finished get your plastic candles put them inside of the pumpkin and you have completed your Woody pumpkin carving.

Step 5: Happy Halloween

I think that it was fun carving Woody hopefully next time I could carve buzz lighter. I really enjoined doing this hopefully you enjoyed doing it with me or at least looking through the steps on making this. Everybody have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe.
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