Introduction: How to Carve a Clown Pumpkin

Do you want to try something a little different this Halloween?

Instead of carving your usual two triangles for eyes and a slot for a mouth pumpkin try this fun 3D clown carving.

you don't need to be an expert sculptor, it's all about trying something new and interesting while having fun with the kids.

you will need:

* clay modeling tools

* potato peeler

* sponge scourer

* 1 butter nut squash

* 1 pumpkin

* bottle of gorilla glue

* tooth picks

Step 1: Choosing Your Tools.

I've used all kinds of tools in the past such a screw drivers and even spoons but to get the best results a good set of clay modeling tools and micro ribbon loop tools are perfect for carving pumpkins. The micro ribbon loop tools are the small silver tools in the photo.

Step 2: Getting Started.

Peel your pumpkin and cut out a square trying not to cut too deeply. about an inch deep is good

Step 3:

remove some of the pumpkin above the square that you made. about one and a half inch above the square.

Step 4: It's All in the Eyes.

Cut two slots to make the ridge of the eges and eye sockets.its up to you what expression you give your pumpkin.
to make an angry face angle the slots slightly pointing down towards the nose.
to make a sad face angle the slots pointing downward in the opposite direction.

Step 5: Mouth and Laughter Lines.

Remove some of the pumpkin around the cheek area.

Make lines going downward from the square you made for the nose (laughter lines)

Step 6:

Remove the sharp edges of the laughter lines to create the cheeks.

shape a mouth any way you like, open or closed mouth, it's up to you.

Step 7: Smoothing

Rub smooth with sponge would be a good idea at this point to give your pumpkin a light spray with water to stop it from drying out

Step 8:

Remove some of the pumpkin from the teeth area to create a recess.

Smooth the edges of the lips using a sponge scourer.

shape the eye sockets by making an egg shaped cut using a triangular loop tool

Step 9:

Rub all over with sponge scourer until really smooth.

Step 10: Teeth

Cut out the teeth using a craft knife or triangular loop tool then smooth with sponge scourer.

Step 11: Eyes.

Cut the eye shapes with a craft knife or loop tool then add bags under the eyes.

Step 12: The Clowns Nose.

I don't have a photo for this step but it is quite simple.

Cut the top off a butter nut squash about 2 inches then use a potato peeler then shape it into a ball leaving one side flat.

smooth off with sponge scourer.

On the flat side of your butternut squash ball, cut out a square recess that will accommodate the square you cut out on the pumpkin for the nose.

it may take a while to get the size right. it doesn't have to be a perfect fit as the glue will expand in the gaps anyway.

pour some glue into the square hole you cut out on the squash then fit the nose onto the pumpkin.

use 2 tooth picks to hold the nose in place while the glue is setting.

cut off the tooth picks or remove them. leaving them in and cutting them off adds strength to it so it's best to leave them in.

Step 13:

cut out circles in the eyes to make the pupils using a ribbon loop tool then poke a hole in the centre with the other end of your loop tool.

add hair or other details if you wish.

Step 14: Design Choice.

Try other designs its completely up to you.

Step 15: Adding Character.

Give your clown character by adding little touches like carrot eye inserts or a butternut squash cigar.

It doesn't need to be perfect, just have fun and be creative!

Have a fun filled Halloween!!

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