Introduction: How to Carve a Wooden Shark.

In this instructable, I'm going to be showing you how to carve a wooden shark. It will turn out to become a relief carving so enjoy!


-Different types and sizes of chisels

-Clamp to hold your wood (it makes everything a lot easier)

-Wood (I recommend basswood because it's easy to carve into)

-Sand paper



-Preferably two hands (one might be okay if you are really talented and/or you only have one hand)

Step 1: Draw Your Design Onto the Wood.

Draw a shark onto the wood with your pencil. (You can just do an outline of the shark if you want to.)

Step 2: Carve Your Outline of the Sharks Body.

Use a small chisel for this and just go around the body (outline it).

Step 3: Start Making the Shark Pop Out.

Use a wide chisel to cut deep into the wood around the shark. You really want to make sure the shark is popping out of the wood.

Step 4: Make the Teeth.

Use a small chisel like the one in the photo to really carve out the teeth and give them a prominent look.

Step 5: Smooth Your Deep Cuts.

Smooth your deep cuts by carving the same way as the grain, while going a bit deeper to keep it sort of flat.

Step 6: Sand the Background Down to Make It Smooth.

Use sandpaper to smooth the background because it might be still pretty splintery.

Step 7: Sand Down the Shark.

Sand the shark down to make the rough edges smooth and then your done!