Introduction: How to Cast a Plant Pot

1. Polypropylene

2. Plaster

3. Water

4. Two cups

5. Compass

6. Set square

7. Pencil

8. Color dye

9. Clear tape

10. Spatula/ anything to mix

Step 1: Creating Your Mold Template

1. Create a circle with your compass with an appropriate radius.

2. Place the pointy part of the compass on a point of the circle outline and mark the points when spinning it around.

3. After being finished with one, move on to the other point and repeat throughout the whole circle.

4. Connect the dots. You should end up with a hexagon.

5. Use your set square to draw out sides with the measurements of your choice, coming out of each side of the hexagon.

Step 2: Creating Your Core Template

1. Create the shape of a triangle. The measurement should be smaller than the diameter of your hexagon.

2. Draw sides out of the triangle, with your own choice of measurements, as done in the previous step.

Step 3: Transferring Your Template Onto Polypropylene

1. Cutting out your template on paper/cardboard/etc., place it on the polypropylene (nearest to the edge if possible) and trace it.

2. When finished with tracing, cut it out.

3. Fold the polypropylene to its designated shape and seal tightly with clear tape.

Step 4: Making Plaster

1. Pour in two cups of water

2. Pour in three cups of plaster

3. Mix the water with plaster until ready

4. Add in color (optional)

Step 5: Pouring in Your Plaster

1. Slowly pour in the plaster (do not fill it to the brim).

2. Push your core in through the plaster, securing it with tape to the edges of the mold.

Step 6: Taking Off the Core and Mold

1. Gently open the clear tape on the mold to bring out your product.

2. Squeeze the mold to stop it from sticking to the insides of the plaster.

Step 7: Drilling a Hole

1. Get your screwdriver.

2. Place your plant holder upside down.

3. Screw a hole in from the bottom for the water for to be able to escape.