Introduction: How to Castle in Chess

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Castling is a special move in chess, that allows a player to move both their Rook and King in the same move. Castling is the only move in chess where a player is able to move two pieces within one turn.

Castling is an important move to know how to execute, because it can allow you to get your king to safety, while getting your rook out of the corner and into a more useful position.

How to Castle in Chess

To perform a castling move in chess, move your King piece two squares to either side, then move your Rook (from the side you moved your King in the direction of) to the inside square of the King.

There are a few conditions that must be met to allow castling to take place.

  • It must be the first move of both the Rook and the King
  • There can't be any pieces between the Rook and the King.
  • The King may not be in check or move through a check.

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