Introduction: How to Change Motorcycle Grips

As I have been rebuilding my old bike I keep finding new parts that I like. While there was nothing wrong with the old grips, I found these brown rubber grips on ebay and I thought they had a cool retro feel to it that complimented my bike well.

This is a guide to changing motorcycle grips that is quick and easy.

I did this at Techshop.

Things you will need:

- 1 motorcycle with old grips

- 1 pair new grips

- lubricant

- knife or box cutter

- screwdriver and 10 mm wrench

- saw

Step 1: Out With the Old

Using your wrench and screwdriver, remove the controls.

I loosened the mirror clamps and got them out of the way. Followed by the light switches on the left and engine cut off switch on the right.

This gave me plenty of room to cut off the old grips. I cut away and slid off the plastic buts making it easy to just cut away the rubber. A box cutter would have worked better than my dull pocket knife.

Carefully remove the throttle cable from the throttle sleeve. This sounds easy but it can be a little tricky and you may have to play with it.

Step 2: Trim the Throttle Sleeve

Since the new grips were shorter I cut down the throttle sleeve to fit evenly. Remember to leave some room for the sleeve to fit into the control housing.

I used the band saw and made quick work of it.

Step 3: In With the New

Installing the new grips can be a pain. It is a tight fit. The grips each have a different size diameter. The smaller goes on the left and the wider goes over the throttle sleeve.

Some people suggest using grip glue and others use hairspray to help the grips stay in place. Personally, I have such a hard time getting the grips on in the first place, that no matter what I do those suckers won't move.

Push 'em, pull 'em, squeeze 'em. Get the grips on the handle bars and throttle sleeve.

Make sure to use a lubricant on the throttle side to ensure ease of rolling. I used PB Blaster as it will not evaporate and is a great all around lubricant.

Re-install the controls and ride on.