Introduction: How to Change Oil

Hi my name is Mason Peckham I have worked on a family farm for three years and while I have been working I have had to change oil. Today I will be explaining how to change your own oil. Which could save you some money in the future.


New oil, oil filter, ratchet, socket, floor jack, rags, mechanics creeper, and oil pan.

Step 1:

The first step to changing your oil is to get new oil and a filter. This can be done by simply going to your local auto parts store and telling the parts man what make,model and year your vehicle is. I recommend using synthetic oil because it last longer and increases filtration. After you have gathered these supplies you will need to find a ratchet and socket at is able to fit the drain plug on the vehicles oil pan. This can be done by putting sockets on the oil drain plug until finding one that fits snugly on the oil drain plug. Some supplies that will aid in changing the oil will be rags to wipe hands of any spillage, oil pan to catch the oil when draining,a funnel to assist in pouring new oil, a floor jack to jack up the vehicle and a creeper to roll yourself under the vehicle.

Step 2:

the next step is to warm the vehicle up. I recommend warming the vehicle up for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3:

After the vehicle is warmed up you want to park it on a level surface. Use the floor jack to to jack the front of the vehicle up . The best way to position the jack is in the center of the front of the car between the wheels.

Step 4:

After jacking the car up grab the oil pan and place it under the oil plug and filter. Usually they will be close enough for the pan to catch the spillage. Using the ratchet and socket rotate the drain plug left. When you feel it become loose you can then turn it with your fingers. The oil filter can usually be removed using your hands by turning it left but if it does not loosen you can get a filter wrench from your local auto parts store. After removing the filter and plug let the oil drain thoroughly into the oil pan. After the oil is drained screw the new filter on by spinning it right until it becomes very snug. The oil plug can also be crewed back in by turning it right with your hands until tight then using the ratchet and socket to snug it up.

Step 5:

After putting on the new filter and tightening the oil pan plug you can add new oil to your vehicle. Lowering the jack down will make the car level so it can take its full amount of oil. When adding new oil using a funnel will prevent any spills. The place to put the oil in can be found under the hood of the car marked with a cap with a picture of a oil carton.