Introduction: How to Change Oil

Hi, my name is Tyler Frensko and today I’m going to show you how to change your own oil.

Step 1:

First thing is going to be getting the oil that the vehicle needs. Check the owner’s manual or look it up on google to find out what oil type it needs and how many quarts it needs, an oil filter is also needed for an oil change

Step 2:

Next thing is getting the vehicle up to operation temp or just warmed up a little bit. Oil flows better when it is warmed up.

Step 3:

Then depending on if you are working on a car or truck. You might need a jack and jack stands to climb under it.

Step 4:

After that, get it where you’re going to do the oil change and it’s shut off with the engine still warm. Crawl under the vehicle and locate the oil drain plug. Location can vary on the vehicle, most of the time on a truck it will be under the engine right behind the front tires. But it can be anywhere on the vehicle. Check the owner’s manual to see location. It will look different depending on the vehicle.

Step 5:

Find the size needed for the drain plug. Then loosen the drain plug with the wrench or whatever may be used to loosen the bolt. Make sure there is a pan or something to drain the old oil into and make sure it will all fit.

Step 6:

After the drain plug is loosened, take it the rest of the way off with your fingers. While the oil is draining. Locate the oil filter. It’s usually white but may be different colors and looks like a big can kind of.

Step 7:

Depending on if it’s close to the drain plug or if the pan or whatever you are using to drain the oil can catch the oil that will fall from oil filter at the same time.

Step 8:

Grab onto the oil filter and trying to loosen it with your hands, if it’s too tight to get with hand strength, there is a fancy tool that wraps around it and tightens to it as you loosen the filter. If you don’t have that tool, might to get creative and stab a screwdriver through the filer about half way up on the filter and loosen it with the leverage from the screw driver sticking out the side.

Step 9:

Now that the oil filter is loose, take it all the way off without any tools. Easier that way. Now grab the new oil filter and put a little bit of new oil in the oil filter, not a lot, just a little bit. And take some with a finger and rub some of the oil around the O ring on the top of the oil filter to make a better seal.

Step 10:

it’s time to put the new oil filter back on where the old one came off and tighten it as tight as possible with your fingers, not with the tool. It will self-tighten to where it needs to be when it warms up with the hot oil running through it.

Step 11:

Then check to see if it’s done draining from the drain plug. If it is then put the drain plug back in and tight it with the wrench pretty tight.

Step 12:

Now go to the top on the engine and find where put to oil in. It will have a cap that says engine oil or a little logo deal and might have the type of oil it takes on it.

Step 13:

Take the cap off and put the new oil in there with the right amount of oil it requires.

Step 14:

Now put that cap on and that’s it.