How to Change Oil on a Boat Motor

Introduction: How to Change Oil on a Boat Motor

Six easy steps to change the oil on your boat motor.

Step 1: Remove Hood and Remove Drain Plug

Remove the hood from motor.

Then remove drain plug. Make sure to use correct socket and breaker bar.

Then hold bucket up to drain spout.

Let oil drain until there is no oil is coming out of the motor.

Step 2: Filter

Unscrew oil filter by hand or with filter tool.

Then screw in the new oil filter, snug, to the motor. After screwing the filter, turn the filter 2/3 more to ensure the filter is tight.

Step 3: Drain Plug

Screw oil drain plug back in and tighten; this is to ensure it will not back out when running.

Step 4: Fill New Oil

Unscrew yellow fill plug located at the top of motor.

After, insert the funnel to fill hole.

Then read the sticker, located on the motor, for how much oil is needed and what type of oil.

Then fill the motor with the correct amount of oil corresponding to the sticker on the motor.

After filling the motor with oil, then screw yellow the fill cap back on top of the motor.

Step 5: Check Oil

Allow five to ten minutes for the oil to settle to the bottom of the motor.

Next locate yellow oil dip stick, commonly located on the starboard side of the motor.

Remove dip stick and clean off with a rag or towel and put back into motor.

After that, pull out the dip stick again and if the oil is with in the hash marks then there is a correct amount of oil in the motor.

If it is above hash marks remove some oil. If below hash marks slowly add oil to the motor.

Step 6: Put Hood Back On

When the motor has fresh oil and a new filter, the hood of the motor can now be put back on.

Finally, tighten down the hood to make sure the hood is secured to motor.

Step 7: Video

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    Great tutorial. Everyone should know how to do their own oil changes.